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About Us

Luci’s Healthy Marketplace has been a neighborhood staple in the valley for over 8 years.
Luci’s at the Orchard is the Luci’s you know and love, in a revitalized historic setting. We offer a unique marketplace, cafe, coffee and juice bar, and vintage ice cream shop in a casual and welcoming environment.
Luci’s is a place to nurture community, local businesses, and where you want to be on a Saturday afternoon. The cafe area is lined with windows overlooking the citrus orchard, patio and splash pad. Our citrus trees inspire many of our dishes, and juices, while creating a shady oasis in the desert.

“We cultivate strong relationships with our neighbors, our surroundings and our food. We strive to be a community resource and gathering place, while providing fresh, locally sourced food.”

Deeply rooted in the Phoenix community, Luci’s continues to provide a space for happiness, discovery and community. We value fresh, local ingredients and compliment them with excellent service in a bright and cheery space.
The citrus industry transformed North Central Phoenix from a barren desert to a thriving urban oasis. In tribute, we’ve planted desert landscapes and citrus trees around the Orchard. Our landmark water tower honors the canal that irrigated central Phoenix farms and still runs behind the Orchard.

Our subtle touches honor Arizona’s 5 Cs:


Copper accents in the restaurants


Local beef (cattle) on the menu



Cotton shirts sold in Luci’s market


Citrus trees on the grounds



Outdoor gathering places make the most of Arizona’s climate

Thanks for being a part of our family.